And thanks for your interest in
joining the co-LAb family!
We are always looking for fresh faces and rad original works to line our gallery walls!
If you're interested in submitting
for future group shows,
please read instructions below:
Artists may submit 3-8 JPEGS of current works.
File names must be saved in this format: LastName_Title-of-Artwork.jpg
Indicate within the body of the email the following info for each work:
Your Name
“The Title”
Medium (Oil on canvas, etc)
Dimension Width” x Height”
$ Retail price range
Include this descriptive info within the body of the email, not as a separate attachment. Also include your complete contact information 
(your name, mailing address, phone number, email and website address).
Submission requirements:
Artist statement​ Resumé (exhibition history, occupation, etc.)
JPEG images with the medium and size of the work
Please email all work to submissions@www.co-labgallery.com 
If you are interested in exhibiting your work the gallery, and feel your work fits in with what we have shown and are interested in showing it to us, contact us and we will try respond at our earliest convenience. Please do not be offended or discouraged if you do not hear from us as we have a high volume of submissions.
We look forward to seeing your works, LA!

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